Terms & Conditions

note: Customer satisfaction and quality  are our highest priority 

these terms and conditions are to protect the right of our customers and aquaticpets as well 

if there is anything wrong with your order we will do our best to make it right 

  • fishes are measured from mouth to tail end
  • your order will be delivered with two working days,however in uncontrolled circumstances 

           your order maybe late or even cancelled 

  • some items maybe out of stock and yet not updated on the site in such cases a full refund will be made for that item 
  • item once sold cannot be returned unless there is a problem with it 
  • information like size and color are available on the website please read them carefully before placing an order 
  • live fish will be delivered in mumbai only.
  • for shipments of products other than live fish outside mumbai online payment needs to be done 
  • outside mumbai shipment will be shipped via speedpost and the delivery time will vary depending your location.
  • order once placed cannot be cancelled by the customer to cancel your order you have to contact us on

            whatsapp 8104305902. 

  • any request for cancellation will not be considered after 2 hours of ordering 
  • it is aquaticpets sole discretion to modify order or deny them with full refund for the payment.
  • live on arrival guarantee can only be claimed by sending a picture of the dead fish still in the unopened packed it was shipped in 

           on whatsapp no.8104305902 or email info@aquaticpets.in within 30 minutes of delivery 

  •   any claims after the plastic bag has been opened or after 30 minutes will not be taken into consideration 
  • in case of live on arrival guarantee claim the customer shall get a full refund only for the fish which is dead plus the delivery charges if applicable,

           amount for the live fish in the same order will not  be refunded.